The publications include books written by AIPS scholars and reports by experts concerning current political issues. Likewise, the Albanian Center for American-British Studies, as part of AIPS publishes its own monthly newspaper “Atlantic”.

Head of the Publications Department is Mrs. Fatbardha Lauka

A list of books published by AIPS experts include:

  • “Jewish-Albanian relations”, Haxhi Bajraktari, 2009.
  • “Berlin without walls”, Jorgji Kote, 2009.
  • “Kosovo break-up with Russia”, Islam Lauka, 2007.
  • “Kosovo, a universal case or sui generis”, Islam Lauka, 2007.
  • “Albania in Russian archives”, Eshref Ymeri, Islam Lauka, 2006.
  • “The Evolution of the Kosovo problem and its current state”, 2nd edition, Islam Lauka, 2004.
  • “Tony Blair for the Albanians”, Ramiz Lushaj, 2005.
  • “Carl T. Ericson”, 2002.
A list of books expected to be published in 2010:

  • “Madeleine Albright and Kosovo”, Fatbardha Lauka, June 2010.
  • “The Anthology of the Crucifixion of the Albanian Question”, Eshref Ymeri, Islam Lauka, September 2010.
  • “A dictionary of diplomacy”, Jorgji Kote, February 2010.
Published reports:

  • “On Albanian-American relations”, July 2003.
  • “On British-Albanian relations”, December 2004.
  • “On the developments of the Kosovo’s status setting process”, December 2007.
  • “The old Russian game with new rules”, October, 2008.
Reports expected to be published in 2010:

  • “On the Situation in Bosnia-Herzegovina”, June 2010.
  • “Relations between Albania and Macedonia”, December 2010.

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