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Rreth nesh

     Welcome To The Albanian Institute of Political Studies

AIPS is a nonprofit scientific research institute based in Tirana, but that also has a branch in Pristina. Founded in 2001, it was known as the Albanian Center for American-British  Studies until 2005, when it was named the Albanian Institute of Political Studies. The Institute’s goal is the study of regional policies, mainly in South Eastern Europe and post-Soviet space.

The AIPS’s organizational structure includes four research centers : -The Research Center for Inter-Albanian Developments, director: Prof. Dr. E. Ymeri -The Research Center for South Eastern Europe, director: Dr. E. Petoshani -The  American-British Research Center , director: R. Lushaj -The Research Center for the post-Soviet Space, director: A. Doçi Other than studies and research, the AIPS deals with publications, mainly scientific and research ones. Some of the works published by the Institute are “Albania in Russian archives”, “Kosovo, a universal or a sui generis case?”,  “ Kosovo, the break-up with Russia”, “Tony Blair and Kosovo”, “Berlin without walls”, etc. In addition, the AIPS organizes sessions, scientific conferences and round tables, discussing about political science subjects in a national and regional scale.

Another important dimension of the AIPS is the awarding of several prizes for noted personalities in politics and political science. The “Faik Konica” prize is awarded for great contributions in building friendship among nations. Among the personalities that have received this prize are the late President of Kosovo, Ibrahim Rugova, the former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, the former Speaker of Albania’s Parliament Pjetër Arbnori, etc. The best works by young scholars in political sciences are awarded with the “Madeleine Albright” prize.

The founder and managing director of the AIPS is Dr. Islam Lauka, a career diplomat, currently Albania’s Ambassador in Kosovo.


The AIPS Director, Dr. Islam Lauka, is a diplomat, and academic and a well-known analyst. He has a rich and long experience in service, mainly working in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, holding important positions as: the General Director of Multilateral Relations, General Director of the Regional Cooperation, etc. Since January 1st, 2007 he is the head of the Board of the National Institute of Diaspora in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

He is the author of: “The Evolution of the Kosovo problem and its current state”, (Russian and Albanian), 1994 “Kosovo, a universal case or sui generis?”, (Albanian, English and Arabic), 2007 “Kosovo break-up with Russia”, (Albanian, English), 2007 Coauthor of “Albania in Russian archives”, 2006 Author of several scientific articles in the Albanian and foreign press.

To download the CV of Dr. Islam Lauka please click here