AIPS publications include English and Albanian language books, scholarly articles in peer-reviewed journals, chapters or whole edited volumes, conference papers and proceedings, the semi-annual journal “Atlantik”, and newspaper articles.

Head of the Publications Department is Ms. Almona Bajrami

The list of books, scholarly articles, chapters and conference papers published by AIPS experts includes:

    Islam Lauka. (2017). The Construction of Hydroelectric Power Plants in Valbona as a Violation of International Conventions on Environmental Protection. Report for the Parliamentary Commission of Economy and Environment. Tirana, Albania.

    ACABS – Ramiz Lushaj (Ed.). (2017). Atlantik, 2017: 9(1).

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    Islam Lauka. (2016). The challenges of Ukraine’s accession to the EU. International Conference Ukraine 2017 – Three Years after the Clash, Pristina, Kosovo.

    ACABS – Ramiz Lushaj (Ed.). (2016). Atlantik, 2016: 8(1).

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    Ramiz Lushaj. (2005). Tony Blair for the Albanians”, Ramiz Lushaj, 2005. albPAPER: Tirana.

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The permission to reproduce the AIPS materials, published or launched online may be granted only on the basis of a written request. The AIPS is an independent scientific institution. Opinions, conclusions, comments and conclusions expressed in its publications belong to the authors, not to the AIPS itself.