About Us

About Us

     The Albanian Institute of Political Studies

The AIPS is a nonprofit, independent social science research institute based in Tirana, Albania, and in Pristina, Kosovo. Founded in 2001, it was known as the Albanian Center for American-British Studies until 2005, when it was named the Albanian Institute of Political Studies (AIPS). The mission of the AIPS is to analyse international political developments with implications for South-Eastern Europe, with a particular focus on Albanian affairs.

     Our Approach

The AIPS relies on an approach that brings together top quality academics, such as university professors or researchers, with highly experienced practitioners of international politics, such as politicians, ambassadors and diplomats. The goal is to infuse theoretical perspectives with practical accounts of political processes, which allows for a more comprehensive understanding of the subject matter, but also to inform decision-makers for a more theoretically aware conduct of politics. To this end, we dedicate special efforts to be actively involved in both academic debates and public discourse in the media.

     Our Work

AIPS publications include English and Albanian language books, scholarly articles in peer-reviewed journals, chapters or whole edited volumes, conference papers and proceedings, the semi-annual journal “Atlantik”, and newspaper articles. The Head of each Research Program is responsible for the coordination of the research efforts within the program. The Annual AIPS General Conference presents and evaluates the progress made in each program during the year, draws lessons and conclusions, and identifies objectives for the following year. During the course of the year, the AIPS also organizes subject-specific conferences and round-tables, usually in cooperation with academic institutions and public officials. Finally, special ceremonies are organized to award the prizes “Faik Konica” and “Madeleine Albright”.

     Research Programs

The work of the AIPS is structured around four main research programs: – the Inter-Albanian Developments program, headed by Prof. Dr. Eshref Ymeri; the South-Eastern Europe Regional Politics program, headed by Dr. Elida Petoshati; the Politics of Post-Soviet Space program, headed by Arben Doçi; the  Politics of European and Euro-Atlantic Integration program, headed by Ramiz Lushaj. The Albanian Center of American and British Studies (ACABS), a research center working to reach the goals of the Politics of European and Euro-Atlantic Integration program, is an integral part of the AIPS.